The mission of the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) is to promote increased accountability by, and transparency about the work of, the Chicago Police Department (CPD), and to ensure that (i) complaints concerning police misconduct and abuse are given a fair hearing and (ii) investigations of such complaints are fair, independent and timely. It is also IPRA’s mission to conduct investigations into police misconduct in a manner that maintains the confidence of the public, and of sworn police officers, in the integrity of the process.


In 2007, in response to concerns about how allegations of police misconduct were being investigated, the City Council voted to replace the Office of Professional Standards, which was the unit within CPD tasked with investigating police misconduct, with IPRA. Headed by a civilian Chief Administrator and staffed entirely with civilian investigators, IPRA is an independent agency of the City of Chicago, separate from CPD.

IPRA performs the intake function for, and conducts investigations into, all allegations of misconduct made against members of CPD, including allegations of excessive force, domestic violence, coercion and bias-based verbal abuse. IPRA also investigates some misconduct cases even if no allegations have been made, including, all cases where (i) a CPD member discharges a firearm, stun gun or taser in a manner that could potentially strike someone and (ii) a person dies or sustains a serious injury while in police custody, or where an extraordinary occurrence occurs in a lockup facility.